lol preseason 2021

LoL Preseason 2021 information is out, and Riot Games is changing the entire landscape of the season completely. There are huge changes and details you need to know. So, check them out. League of Legends Preseason 2021 details –

LoL Preseason 2021 Stats and Effects Changes and Details

  • Healing and Grievous Wounds
    • Some healing will be trimmed from runes, items, and champ kits where it’s unnecessary to reduce the requirement of Grievous Wounds options in builds
    • Grievous Wounds will have a sharper effect to counter extreme healing situations to give upfront power
  • Cooldown Reduction Rework
    • New stat announced – Ability Haste
    • Replacing the current CDR, Ability Haste will provide a linear power scaling model for more ability casts
    • For example, 10% CDR is 11% more casts, 40% CDR is 66% more casts. With Ability Haste, 10 will be 10% more abilities cast, 20 will be 20% more, and so on
    • Ability Haste is uncapped unliked CDR, which was capped at 40%
  • Tenacity
    • Tenacity will reduce the duration of knock-ups
    • No tenacity after knockback or pull spells

LoL Preseason 2021 Jungle Items Changes and Details

  • Jungle items will be a starting item for free. You don’t need to buy them

LoL Preseason 2021 Marksman Items Changes and Details

  • More Strategic Choices
  • Item choices will be easier
  • Earlier, Marksmen were heavily dependent on their team members. New items will be introduced that will help marksmen survive alone. To get these items, you’ll have to sacrifice your best-in-class DPS
  • After one item, stats will affect your heroes, and you’ll be more impactful
  • New items are coming, like AD Armor, spellcaster options, and more

LoL Preseason 2021 Mage Items Changes and Details

  • Mages will have more first-item choices with new items coming soon
  • New iconic effects for artillery mages
  • You can create super haste-focused builds and powerful builds as Ability Haste will be a choice for mages

LoL Preseason 2021 AP Fighter and AP Assassin Items Changes and Details

  • New items as early buy choices will be available to match the patterns and stats of these champions
  • You can transition into a tank or pure AP items to finish your builds with full sets of choices available and flexibility

AD Fighter Items

  • Fighter-specific defensive items will be available for more specialized options
  • New core item diversity for crucial early slots in a fighter’s build

AD Assassin Items

  • Lack of a wider pool of situational items will be solved. More options to have good builds will be added
  • Intentional late build options will be implemented

LoL Preseason 2021 Tank Items Changes and Details

  • More build options to become a meatshield. New options to be introduced for situations like split pushing Tryndamere, hard engage on Azir and protecting a Kog’Maw carry
  • Offering strong options to deal with teams that require effectiveness against multiple AP playstyles at once
  • One of two late-game capstone items for tanks

LoL Preseason 2021 Enchanter Items Changes and Details

  • A bigger pool of viable items to upgrade underused items and create some enchanter items for new spaces
  • A new approach to keep enchanter builds in the 1 or 2 active items sweet spot
  • More focused items to serve specific purposes like healing, mana regen, CDR, etc, instead of having “good at everything” items

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