LOL PsyOps League of Legends Skins
LOL PsyOps League of Legends Skins

LOL PsyOps League of Legends Skins are here. We got more information regarding the skins and we’ll try to lay out everything regarding their prices, release date, and more.

LOL PsyOps League of Legends Details

Riot Games has officially revealed the PsyOps skin line. The skins are available on Public Beta Environment preview. The following champions will receive the PsyOps skins –

  • Ezreal
  • Master Yi
  • Shen
  • Vi
  • Sona

Prodigal Explorer Ezreal will get a PsyOps Prestige Edition. You will be able to unlock these skins. The sound effects are great and the animations make the PsyOps skins unique and refreshing.

LOL PsyOps League of Legends Skins – Price

Currently, the developers are still testing the skins. First, they’ll come to Public Beta Environment, and after Riot has fixed every little bug, they’ll be released for the main game. As soon as the game enters PBE, the pricing should be revealed. We’ll update this page and inform you through our push-notifications when the prices are revealed.

LOL PsyOps League of Legends Skins – Release Date

LOL PsyOps League of Legends Skins should arrive very soon. Although there is no official confirmation on the date right now, you can expect these skins to release in mid-September.

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