Lola Nena’s throws shade after Potato Corner’s discriminatory Hiring Ad; Netizens React

Lola Nena's shade Potato Corner in new ad

A fight for a better job posting in the snack business began after Lola Nena’s threw shade on Potato Corner‘s hiring advertisement. Both the Philippines-based firms are reputable for their lip-smacking delicacies and snacks. However, Lola Nena’s specializes in bakery products, while Potato Corner is known for flavored french fries. Despite them not being direct rivals, they somehow ended up in a battle over hiring ads, and here’s what happened.

Lola Nena’s reference to Potato Corner’s viral hiring ad in their job posting

On August 21, Lola Nena’s listed vacancies on their several branches through Facebook. These job postings soon went viral across the platform for their stark contrast with the previous controversial hiring advertisement of Potato Corner.

Instead of simply mentioning their requirements, they asked about their qualifications with assurances. These questions were also rhetorical and appeared welcoming to the aspiring applicants. See them below:

  • Age? Doesn’t define you.
  • Education? Passion for food and people is a priority.
  • Math skills? We’ll teach you what you need to know.
  •  Gender? Everyone is welcome.
  • Appearance? Your warmth and authenticity shine the brightest.
  • Communication? Respect and kindness are our languages.
  • Love for language? Absolutely required.

They further listed their values of love, care, respect, warmth, and professionalism. Additionally, stating that they aren’t looking for any ‘beauty queens’ or ‘math geniuses.’ They are looking for candidates that align with their mission of imparting happiness and meaningful experiences.

  • Lola Nena’s smart advertising strategy worked as it garnered over 97K reactions, 3.6K comments, and 30K reposts due to their creative poking of Potato Corner’s ad that mentioned set demand of qualifications better suited for the Miss Universe competition.

Potato Corner shares an apology

After the now-deleted job posting of Potato Corner went viral, the firm shared an apology clarifying their side. In the apology posted on Monday, August 21, the business said they support providing equal opportunities and fair recognition. They are also eager to reward effort, attitude, potential, and positive outcomes.

Potato Corner apologizes for a job listing
Potato Corner apology (Image courtesy of Potato Corner via Facebook)
  • They also shared that they regret the incident and are reviewing the hiring procedures. The business is also teaming up with their franchisee, suppliers, and business partners not to repeat the incident. Their previous posting mentioned various requirements in terms of educational qualifications as well as other appearance-related qualifications, as seen below:
    • 18 to 30 years old
    • High school graduation required
    • Knowledgeable of basic mathematics
    • Preference to females
    • Have good visuals and a pleasing personality
    • Weight proportionate to height is necessary
    • Clear complexion, eyesight, and dental health
    • Fluency in English and Filipino
    • Love dealing with all kinds of people
Potato Corner's advertisement
Potato Corner’s ad (Image courtesy of Potato Corner via Facebook)

Netizens react to Lola Nena’s and Potato Corner’s ads

Filipino social media users teased the potato snacks franchisee about its advertisement. They also appreciated the wit of Lola Nena’s and their quick campaigning. Many netizens compared the original listing with beauty pageants creating various memes. Read some of their reactions below:

At the end of the day, both these snack businesses are indeed not rivals. Lola Nena’s posted a photo on their X (formerly Twitter) account on August 22 with their bakery products and Potato Corner’s famous fries. They captioned it with, “Happiness is always better when shared.”

Rival advertising poking fun at each other is quite a common strategy in businesses. It is also a marketing tactic that quickly garners attention and leaves a memorable impact. Lola Nena’s excellently used the controversial ad of Potato Corner to share their job vacancies.

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