Lost Ark is looking to add even more content in 2023, three years after its initial global launch. April 2023 will see the addition of its first specialist class, the Artist. However, developers noted that they’ll slightly change some of its details to fit Western norms. There are many other plans releasing over the year, detailed in an online post.

The Artist

From what we’ve seen of the Artist, it’s more of a support role than other classes. The character wields a giant paintbrush and can summon beasts using it to fight for her. She can also attack enemies directly and utilize different effects to swing battles in her favor. While the original version of Lost Ark only has a female character, the plan is for its Western norm update will have a male version.

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They will also be modifying some skins to fit Western standards. For example, skirts will have shorts, and they’ll have to adjust some provocative clothes the character wears.

A New Continent and 96 Player PVP

One of Lost Ark’s earliest updates will be the continent of Rowen, coming in February. It will unlock new story quests, which players can access once they reach level 1,445. The questline will conclude with players being able to join a PVP faction.

From there, they’ll participate in large-scale 96-player PVP. Two teams of 48 players will aim to capture bases and complete secondary objectives. The battles will take place in Tulubik Battlefield, and there will be fixed times when matches occur. Aside from the large-scale PVP, they will also add a new Guardian raid in April featuring the beast Hanumatan.


Another update happening in January will be a collaboration with a major franchise. The Witcher will be coming to Lost Ark as a crossover event. It will likely feature a storyline unique to the crossover, with the chance to get themed gear. Players will be able to fight alongside iconic characters of The Witcher games, including:

  • Geralt of Rivia
  • Ciri
  • Yennefer of Vengerberg
  • Triss Merigold
  • Dandelion

What’s exciting about this collaboration project is that Lost Ark isn’t holding back any punches. It will feature voiceovers from the original cast of the games. The new update will also feature the new White Wolf’s Haven Island location, which will kick off the crossover.

The Success Continues

Lost Ark is arguably one of the biggest successes that Amazon acquired following the game’s local release in South Korea. At one point, it boasted over 1.3 concurrent players on Steam. Numbers have declined since then, but new content will only keep them back for more.

The Witcher event is a part of a continuous promotion from CD Projekt Red. Recently, they released a next-gen version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. They’re also planning on a remake of the original Witcher, which will feature an open-world setting.

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