Lost Ark: Error 10010 Explained; VPN Issues

It’s bot war once again as an important Lost Ark VPN adjustment (Error 10010) that won’t please everyone is explained below.

Lost Ark continues its campaign against the gold-selling bots! The next update is clearly in the works. Additionally, complaints have been raised regarding the number of bots in the game. However, the creators have chosen to take action: The use of a VPN is now prohibited.

It’s now been three months since the global release of Lost Ark.

At the moment, a resolution is making a little disturbance in the overall Lost Ark community. Using an app or software to mask its geolocation is explicitly forbidden in the General Conditions of Use.

Lost Ark Terms and Condition
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Although this restriction was put in place, VPN users have so far been able to play the game without any interruptions. Some use ExitLag to reduce latency since they are playing from a remote location that does not generally recognize Steam. However, the vast majority of people are just using a VPN to establish a number of workstations that will automatically mine gold for them, using bots.

Error 10010 and Lost Ark VPN Use

On the official forums, several players were reporting encountering a 10010 error when attempting to log in to Lost Ark. As a result, the game’s makers were forced to come forward. They admit that they had indeed implemented measures to prevent users from using a VPN from connecting to the game.

Lost Ark VPN Statement
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They add that this move is among the measures executed in order to battle the bots in the game. They are increasing, to the point where on certain servers, the queues were slowly coming back.

Devs also pointed out the fact that, despite the terms and conditions, it was previously allowed to play with a VPN. In the past, gamers were assured that using VPN would not result in a player being banned. But, this is no longer the case. “In good faith” gamers who formerly relied on a VPN for their latency or because they had no other option are upset. Not just against the developers, but also against the bots for selling gold, which is a major factor in this shift.

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SOURCE: Lost Ark Official Forum

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