There’s this certain rage against Amazon Games for issuing a wave of bans that have banned Lost Ark players numbering millions. But swept across in this, is a series of Lost Ark Inactive Players, banned beyond just their game. And they are vengeful of the fact that this ban will taint their Steam profile. What’s going on?

When did Lost Ark become available for the west?

Lost Ark, although originally began as a Korean game, made its way into the larger western masses around February 2022. A year later, the game is in itself a mining ground for bots. What do they mine? Gold. Such an uprush of bots has left game developers wary.

Amazon Games – the game-developing subsidiary branch of Amazon has decided to usurp the invasion of limitless bots throughout STEAM. But who do you think got swept up in this rush of bans issued in January of 2023?

Why Amazon Games banned multiple steam accounts

Lost Ark Players Banned
Image credit: Smilegate RPG

“Many players have noticed a drop off in the number of concurrent users displayed in Lost Ark’s Steam stats. This change is the direct result of a rollout of a significant number of bot account bans, which utilized new and highly-effective tactics to target and remove bots from the game.” 

  1. Said Amazon Games, taking to their forums, as a measure for informing the user of the highly-effective tactic of user bans. The problem still lies in the fact that the system they used for the detection and removal of users, accounted for inactive players in its removal list as well.
  2. The result? A wide range of martyrs who don’t even know why they were martyred. Instead, they wake up to see the gamer den’s most disgraceful tag of shame pinned on their Steam profile.

The bans will show in the players’ steam account

Now, everyone who goes through their STEAM profile will know that they are the sinners and underdogs of the gaming life. For what wrong they must have done to be banned? Well, at least we know the answer.

In a report by PCGamer, it is cited that the game’s rating has gone from mostly positive to mostly negative. In one stroke of an hour, the game’s reviews are filled with “funny I woke up and found my Steam account with the banned tag.”

This is perhaps one of the finest examples of human suffering at the hand of unaccounted computer mechanisms. Such as the mechanisms used to identify and delete multiple steam accounts. The same mechanism that considered inactive Lost Ark accounts as being bots.

Why Lost Ark Inactive Banned Players have the banned tag showing in their steam profile?

Lost Ark Inactive Players Ban
Image credit: Smilegate RPG

Now to get a gist of why Lost Ark Banned Players have the banned tag showing up in their steam profiles, here’s a basic explanation.

Apparently, the players have received a game ban and not a VAC Ban.

  • As explained by PCGamers, the difference is that VAC (Valve Anti-Cheat) is the automated system that detects cheats installed on users’ computers. Game bans are ones done by the developers themselves.
  • As such, the game ban overrides the Valve Anti-Cheat as the intermediary and directly deals with the players who have been cheating, per se. And when such a detection measure is used to remove those players, their steam profile can show that they have been banned somewhere.

For the harbingers in the gaming arena, that’s the same as being branded a molester in the public eye, and wrongly accused. As of now, there’s no confirmation on how Amazon Games is going to reiterate or solve this issue. We await further confirmation.


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