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The Lost Ark fans have something new to smile about. There’s a new update released today for this month with exciting new features. It features a new class Arcanist, Valtan Legion Raid, Waterpop Arena, challenge, and more.

So let’s find out more about this latest update.

Lost Ark July 2022 Update Details
New Class Arcanist

Introducing Arcanist, the newest addition in the mage advanced class. She is a mage character that uses special cards and magic in fighting the enemies.

Moreover, the Arcanist now sits along with the other mage characters in the game which are Bard and Sorceress. To know more about Arcanist and its abilities, you may read about them here.

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The Valtan Legion Raid

The Valtan Legion Raid got a new difficulty level in the game. Inferno is the latest addition of difficulty and it’s so far the hardest level. However, not all players are eligible to play this certain level.

Players must have an item level of 1445 to be able to participate. This Inferno level also allows players to use it unlimitedly every week.

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Waterpop Arena

In contrast to the dark battles in the game, Lost Ark presents a new bright event in the Waterpop Arena. This summer-fun-themed event allows the players to have a battle royale with water pro guns while wearing summer outfits in a water park.

The event is certainly timely since it’s also summer in the real-life world too. However, Waterpop Arena isn’t going to last long since it is a limited-time event only. Players can’t also play it whenever they want since the event happens every two hours.

So enjoy playing in the Waterpop Arena while it lasts.

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New challenge

The new Challenge Abyssal Dungeons is set to be a weekly treatment on Abyssal Dungeons. Moreover, check out the Challenge Guardian Raids to have more ideas about it since it’s said to be familiar with it.

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New skins

New summer-inspired skins are also added in this update. Players can flaunt out these cool outfits while playing.

Arcanist also got a new exclusive skin named Rohendel’s Destiny.

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Moreover, even animals got a new skin Armor Wagon Mount and Starfish Pet.

Image Courtesy of Lost Ark
Image Courtesy of Lost Ark
Bug fixes and updates

Of course, each update has bug fixes and updates to make the game even good for the fans to play. To know the entire bug fixes and updates, you may read it here.

Always make sure to check out their official social media accounts to know the latest updates about the game.

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