Lost Ark has swept the gaming industry, becoming one of the most popular titles on Steam and one of the most-watched on Twitch. However, the game had its fair share of troubles during its initial release, including being delayed only minutes before its scheduled release.

After server maintenance before its f2p debut and a nearly six-hour delay in server opening, Smilegate’s popular Korean MMO Lost Ark finally received a complete western release.

Top Steam Game

The weight of so many people preloading the days before was putting a strain on the steam system. Lost Ark had a peak of 990,328 concurrent players when the floodgates opened, a statistic it would subsequently surpass the day after its launch when it hit 1,316,854 users. This propelled it to the top of Steam’s top 100 for the day, surpassing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (989,793) and Dota 2 (989,792). (713,912).

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Image Courtesy of SteamDataBase

While this number doesn’t quite put Lost Ark in the same league as PUBG: Battlegrounds, which set the record for most concurrent players on Steam with 3,257,248 in 2018, it does put Lost Ark ahead of Cyberpunk 2077, which had 1,003,264 at its peak.

Thanks, WOW.

The departure of players from World of Warcraft to other MMOs is probably a factor in why Lost Ark has garnered so many people. Final Fantasy 14 and New World both acquired a lot of those unsatisfied members, New World’s ending didn’t seem to be as popular. Aside from that, the game is that uncommon MMO where the combat isn’t a waste.

Image Courtesy of SteamDataBase

Battles in Lost Ark play like an action RPG, thanks to the top-down perspective and massed clustered monsters. The most spectacular strikes, such as the sorceress’s thunderstorms and meteors, or the continual explosions around every advanced class with guns, make conflicts a true display.

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