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To celebrate its Western launch, Lost Ark will be gifting free Twitch drops. New cosmetic items await those who participate and help their team progress.

The event is a part of the game’s launch party coinciding with the event, Legends of Lost Ark. Players can claim rewards from February 8, 9 AM PST, until February 28, 12 AM PST.

Claiming Rewards

To ensure you get the rewards, you first connect your Lost Ark account to Twitch. Afterward, you’ll need to watch any participating streams for four hours. There will be three teams participating in the event, one from each region. Teams are from North America, Europe, and Latin America.

All regions will have 20 streamers representing them. Watching any of these streamers for four hours will grant the reward.

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The Drops

Not only will you have to watch the streamers, but progress by all teams will also contribute to a much larger prize pool for everyone in the region. Current Twitch drops have four tiers, unlocking one at a time for all participants. Here are the details of each reward:

  • A battle item chest containing 1500 shards, 100,000 silver, and an Item Chest 3 Pack
  • The unique Arkesia Paper Hat
  • The unique Helgaia Pet
  • The Neugier Gold Mount. It is a hovercraft-inspired ride that allows you to travel Arkesia with ease.

You’ll see the progress of each region on the Lost Ark website. It details how close they are to unlocking the next tier. Watching a streamer from the team contributes to their reward progress. Bonus rewards will also be available throughout the streams. One of the revealed rewards is a Bronze Founder’s Pack which will provide more exclusive items.

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