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Lost Ark released the roadmap of the game for August and September and it includes a new Machinist class coming to the game. Will this be the new meta in Lost Ark? Read on to find out all the exciting things coming to Lost Ark in the next months.

It seems Lost Ark is not done with the brand-new content they’re rolling out in the game. For July, players already had a major update which launched the Arcanist Advanced Class. Furthermore, players are getting the Maharaka Summer Festival and different kinds of raids.

Image Courtesy of Lost Ark

Lost Ark is releasing a new Machinist class, a Pet Ranch, and more in its latest roadmap

Moving further into the exciting year ahead for Lost Ark players, we’re getting another class. This time, however, we may be getting Lost Ark’s version of Iron Man with the new Machinist class.

  • In the latest roadmap published by the Lost Ark team, players are getting a new class in September. The new Machinist class is the fifth advanced class for the Gunner type in Lost Ark.
  • What makes this class interesting is aside from its futuristic and robotic visuals, it may become one of the OP classes in the game.

  • What we know so far about the Machinist class in Lost Ark is that it has this arsenal of weapons at its disposal.
  • From firing lasers from its hands to drones, the Machinist is well-equipped with different types of weapons. Additionally, the overall character design is cool as it resembles one of Marvel’s top heroes: Iron Man.
Lost Ark - Machinist Class Meta
Image Courtesy of Lost Ark

But if we want our Machinist to look like Iron Man in Lost Ark, it has to use its identity skill first. This class skill is called Hypersync and when a player activates it, the Machinist puts on its battle suit. Once that happens, get ready to blast your enemies away with enhanced attacks courtesy of your battle suit.

Expect new content coming to Lost Ark in the following months

As we mentioned, new features and events are coming to Lost Ark aside from the new Machinist class. Players can also expect a Pet Ranch to come in August. Here, players can manage their Pets easily and earn Jelly Cookies. Then, these Jelly Cookies can be exchanged for some pleasant rewards.

Lost Ark - Pet Ranch Roadmap
Image Courtesy of Lost Ark

Furthermore, the Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid is also coming to the game soon. Compared to other Legion Raids in the game, the Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid is open to a four-man party.

There will also be new events coming to the game aside from the Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid.

  • And as for quality of life improvements, the team is introducing these QoL improvements in the coming months.
  • The future updates aim to improve controller support for the game as well as launch a global chat room.
  • And finally, Lost Ark‘s PvP system is getting adjustments in the following months, so we’re definitely looking forward to that.
Lost Ark - Kakul-Saydon Legion Raid Roadmap
Image Courtesy of Lost Ark

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