Lost Soul Aside’s Blackish-Blue sword looks amazing!

FF-inspired Lost Soul Aside has some new mind-blowing screens. The images gives us a closer look at Kazer’s (the protagonist) clothing and his weapon. These images appeared on LSA’s official Facebook an hour ago and are pretty sexy.

Here, take a look.

Lost Soul Aside
Gotta be needing it to look good.
Lost Soul Aside
Pure Metal.
To carry sandwiches for road
Carrying sandwiches for road-trips made easier.
Lost Soul Aside
The Golden Dragon.
Lost Soul Aside
Krazer – The Tracer.
Lost Soul Aside
It needs to be a bit wider to slash monsters and crush heads.
Lost Soul Aside
Krazer in Booster

Bing Yang, the man behind LSA has already answered some of the most complicated questions every LSA fan wants to know. Check out our previous post to read what he says about the game. Keep in touch with Spiel Times for more gaming, technology and esports related information, news and stuff.


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