Lost Soul Aside: The Final Fantasy & Ninja Gaiden Inspired Game Made by a Single Man

Lost Soul Aside

 This man unleashed the power of Unreal Engine just by himself

Lost Soul Aside is an upcoming hack and slash action-adventure from just a single person. The graphics of the game is similar to of Final Fantasy and the combat is like of Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden. Not just us, but everyone who has watched the trailer has the same opinion.

The man behind the entire project is Bing Yang, a game designer from Seoul. The game is being created in Unreal Engine 4. According to the Unreal Engine Forums, Lost Soul Aside is an action game with fantasy art style. Bing says he’s always there his fans to answer questions related to the game.

IGN talked to Bing’s manager and he says that the game is currently in development for PC. He further adds that Bing is open to the idea of bringing it to other platforms should the need arise.

Bing was inspired by Final Fantasy XV’s 2014 trailer and decided to work on his own Fantasy. They even came up with the idea to set up a Kickstarter page for Lost Soul Aside but Bing is unsure if he can “bear the responsibility that comes with it.”

How much of Lost Soul Aside is Bing’s work? Bing says he’s used “many” assets from the Unreal Asset Store via Twitter already before explaining for the work to be 100% original.

Even though Bing used several assets, he is still the only person working on the project. The game is still on a prototype stage and we hope to hear more about it very soon. Until then, stay tuned with Spiel Times for more.