Lost Soul Aside

At PlayStation China Press Conference this year, China Hero Project – an incubation project initiated by SIE to help China local developers create good console games, showcased a bunch of games, of which, Lost Soul Aside was one.

The short trailer shows Kazer – the protagonist, fighting one of the bosses in the game. However, the gameplay shown in the collaborative video isn’t in 60 frames per second. Dualshockers has a 60fps gameplay footage recorded on the PS4 Pro that feels just great for the eyes and the player controlling it. Check it out.

The new trailer also hints at a new female character, who might be an antagonist in the game.

The war ended ten years ago, the unknown monsters then appeared,

Kazer accidently got combined with an ancient race Arena,

Then they got on the journey to seek for the mysterious crystals with their own purposes.

“This is not for saving the world, just for saving myself.”

No further story elements have been discussed and we clearly don’t know when Lost Soul Aside will hit the digital market.

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