Lunastra - Monster Hunter: World

Back from the earlier games, or as fancied by Capcom, Empress of Flame – Lunastra has arrived to join the universe of Monster Hunter: World.

Lunastra is the Empress of Flame although, she is nowhere close to an actual she in the first place. I mean, by the looks and the character design of course.

“Lunastra, the Empress of Flame has come to shake things up and reclaim her throne amongst the Elder Dragons in Monster: Hunter World”.

Capcom formally thanks the hunters of the Fifth Fleet as the ecosystems of the New World is continuing to thrive and flourish. After the successful arrivals of Deviljho and the resurgence of Kulve Taroth, it’s time for Lunastra to join the fantasy world.

This time around, Lunastra has returned with new tricks and unique abilities to challenge even the most seasoned hunters. Capcom has developed her in a way to make her more aggressive than her male companion Teostra. However, her capacity to alter the environment around her remains unchanged.

Capcom has described Lunastra as one of the deadliest monsters in the game. Working as a team might help you slay the beast, but as she’s always accompanied by her male bond, things might not go as expected.

A full hunting party stocked up on Lifepowders is what you’ll be needing to stand a chance against the power couple.

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