Madden NFL 21
Courtesy of Electronic Arts

On Wednesday, Yahoo Sports ran their yearly “Madden Predictions” with the most recent version of the computer game.

The reproduction made a couple of strong forecasts over the span of the period. Quarterback Tom Brady felt right comfortable in Tampa, tossing for more than 4,00 yards and almost 40 scores.

Although Colts are among one of the longshots for Super Bowl glory priced at (+1800). They are 1-1, compared to the Titans & Bills who are 2-0; might be more worthy underdogs. Yahoo Sports had their own version of the predictions.

[Nick Foles, yes Nick Foles, wins MVP]. If you’ve made it this far, congrats, because you’re about to enter the “Madden” Twilight Zone. Foles finished with a league-best 4,801 yards, 44 TDs, 5 interceptions and 70 percent completion rate. If this was “Madden 2014,” I might buy this since Foles was coming off his 27-touchdown breakout with the Eagles. In 2020, I’d be hard pressed to find something less likely to happen.

In spite of his prosperity, the Buccaneers neglected to make the end of the season games. Then, Cam Newton performed well in New England, driving the Patriots to the end of the season games.
Maybe the most fascinating aftereffect of the re-enactment originated from the NFC North. The Chicago Bears rose as the best group in the NFC after Nick Foles won the quarterback fight with Mitchell Trubisky.


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