Mafia 3

Covered in dust, hands are still in the air

Mafia 3 is “NOT” a good game and I still defend my words. But one thing that makes the game more classic and cooler is the navigation system. It’s different, unique and appreciable.

In the past five years, open-world games have been serving us the same navigation system. You get a GPS-enabled minimap that guides you to missions and waypoints and because of that, you often miss the beautifully realised city in front.

Mafia 3 but has a unique way of directing you to your destinations. The game augments the navigation system with street signs that appear at intersections. Here, have a look:

At every intersection, a street signs will appear as a boon from God, helping you choose the right path. It’s basically a turn-by-turn GPS feature, but something that doesn’t adds up in Mafia 3’s drawbacks list. Want to know what’s wrong with Mafia 3? Check out our previous article, where I elaborated everything very precisely.

Nathan (of Kotaku) says “This would make more narrative sense in Watch Dogs 2 than Mafia 3”, to which I strongly agree. Imagine how cool it would be. You need to choose a direction and a direction-sign flies in. Augmented reality, virtually.

Rockstar’s L.A. Noire executed a unique navigation system as well. When you’re having trouble choosing the right way, just press ‘Space’ and your partner will instruct you with the directions.

Although Mafia 3 has a huge number of drawbacks, the game is fair-enough, but only for the first few hours. If you start spending more time with it, it’ll slap you with repetitive, boring and uneasy missions and tasks, and that, will hurt you very bad.

Thanks Kotaku.