Mafia 3 Boat Glitch

Mafia 3 is still buggy, and these boats prove it well.

Mafia 3 turned out to be a huge disappointment for its fans as it’s too repetitive, boring and unbalanced. Along with its numerous drawbacks, Mafia 3 has some of the craziest glitches in the history of videogames. The most common glitch is the ‘ Mafia 3 Boat Glitch’. If you explore the waters in Mafia 3, I’m sure you’ll find one or two boats affected by the glitch. The glitch makes the boats dance and swirl in water, as if they’re drunk. Have a look –

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I’m sure Hangar 13 is aware of the glitch and will come up with an update very soon. I believe they are working very hard to make the game function properly. In case you’re unaware of what’s going on, make sure to read our previous Mafia 3 articles –

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