Mafia 3 is now 60fps ready – Patch 1.01

Mafia 3’s newest update patch removes 30fps lock

You must have witnessed the chaos going on with Mafia 3’s unexpected fps lock. But as promised, the new patch is live and its time to rejoice.

In case you didn’t know, Mafia 3 released on PC with a 30fps lock that ended up being a terrific issue among gamers. Gamers went nuts on the minor issue. The developers promised a patch that would unlock the 30fps lock and allow 60fps and beyond gameplay. Well, the patch is finally here.

According to the patch notes, players can now experience 30, 60 and unlimited fps. What’s unlimited fps? That’s the max frames per second your GPU can handle. You can select your frame rate manually by heading to the in-game display menu. It can be anything. 220 fps, 440 fps or even 1010 fps. All depends on your system and its capacity to hold the heat.

The new patch also includes improvements to keyboard remapping. After all, 2K games does respects user feedback you know. Due to a busy schedule, I didn’t got a chance to try out Mafia 3 yet. But I’ll try my best to throw in my first impressions on the New but Old Bordeaux very soon.

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