Mafia III - The Heist Trailer

Lincoln Clay’s revenge plan has some reasons.

The Heist is Mafia III’s newest trailer that features it’s protagonist Lincoln Clay working with the Italian mob to rob the Federal Reserve. But not everything goes according to plan as the Italian mob double-crosses his squad.

“The Mafia took so much from so many in its rise to power in New Bordeaux. When Lincoln Clay came back from Vietnam, his family was all he had. One night would change it all.”

People commenting on the video are upset as it has spoilers and reveals the storyline. The robbing of Federal Reserve maybe the event that led to the clash between Clay and the Italian mob. It already makes us eager to know more about the story and the characters.

Mafia III is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 7. The PC version costs Rs. 2,499 while PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions cost Rs. 3,499.

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