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Magic: The Gathering x Fortnite has revealed its Secret Lair Cards. In this collaboration, there are 2 sets of drops for a total of 12 cards (or more). Mind you that these cards are said to be a limited edition.

For this collaboration, the first drop is called Secret Lair x Fortnite cards. While the second drop is called Secret Lair x Fortnite: Landmarks and Locations cards.

Let’s now take a look at these upcoming drops from this anticipated collaboration.

Secret Lair x Fortnite
Screengrab Courtesy of MTG Unpacked via YouTube

This first drop included seven art-skinned cards in the box. However, there’s an eight and secret card according to IGN. But it might eventually be announced soon so it wouldn’t be spoiled for all of the fans buying it.

  • Supply Llama (Etherium Sculptor)
  • Battle Bus (Smuggler’s Copter)
  • The Cube (Planar Bridge)
  • Shrinking Storm (Wrath of God)
  • Crack the Vault (Grim Tutor)
  • Battle Royale (Triumph of the Hordes)
  • Dance Battle (Dance of Many)
Secret Lair x Fortnite: Landmarks and Locations
Screengrab Courtesy of MTG Unpacked via YouTube

For this second drop, the five cards are included in the box. These cards feature beautiful Fortnite artworks of several locations on the game’s map.

  • Mountain
  • Plains
  • Forest 
  • Island
  • Swamp

To visualize more about this collaboration and its actual product, you may watch an unboxing video from MTG Unpacked here for your reference too.

These cards are certainly a must-have especially if you love art and collecting cards. So don’t miss this chance and good luck!

When is the release date of the Secret Lair Cards x Fortnite drop series?

The worldwide release date of this collaboration is set to be on July 21, 2022, at 9 A.M (PT). You can avail and pre-order on the website of Secret Lair. Check it out here.

How much would Secret Lair Cards x Fortnite drop series cost?

According to the website of Secret Lair, the currently available collaboration cards such as The Walking Dead and Stranger Things cost over $49.99. It would be around that price but since it’s a limited edition, don’t be shocked if the price would go higher.

There is no other information released about the exact price yet. So just take it with a pint of salt and it is much better to get your wallets ready.

While waiting for the release date, always try to check out their official social media accounts for further updates and announcements about this collaboration.

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