A sale on games is always exciting. There are plenty of opportunities to grab games at low prices. Moreover, gamers are attracted to shopping for games through the reward points system. Reward points are more or less a common strategy nowadays. Customers’ purchases are rewarded with points. Offers and items can then be redeemed.


  • Sony has one such strategy in place, the Sony Rewards system. When you link a PlayStation Store account to Sony Rewards, customers receive points for each purchase.
  • Game discounts and purchases can be availed using the points earned. One point for each dollar spent at the PlayStation Store. In addition, you may use Sony or PlayStation credit cards to earn extra points.
  • However, Sony has revealed some changes for PlayStation rewards points. This might mean that gamers will no more be able to earn reward points with their purchases.


Sony Rewards subscribers have received an e-mail today. Sony has announced major changes in Sony’s Rewards program. The changes will take effect from the 1st of January, 2022. From this date, only Sony or PlayStation credit card owners will earn Reward Points at the PlayStation Store.

Customers are not happy with this decision by Sony. However, the opportunity to earn points itself is being taken away. Sony is essentially trying to force customers to avail Sony or PlayStation credit cards if they want to earn reward points.

Well this is BS from playstation


  • Existing points in users’ accounts should remain active according to Sony’s official terms. Points will also expire in 5 years.
  • However, if users are inactive on the Sony rewards platform, points will expire in 18 months. Users with existing points can use their points as soon as possible to redeem items.

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