Man uses Nintendo Duck Hunt gun to rob convenience store in South Carolina

South Carolina man rob convenience store Nintendo Duck Hunt gun

Some bizarre news from South Carolina as a 25-year-old man tried to rob a convenience store with a Nintendo Duck Hunt gun. In this failed attempt, the man used a spray-painted video game pistol to threaten the store clerk. The man, identified as David Joseph Dalesandro from Sharon, South Carolina, faces charges of armed robbery following the incident.

The gun that the South Carolina man used was a replica of the iconic NES Zapper used in the 1984 Nintendo game Duck Hunt. Dalesandro had spray-painted it black to make it look more real and threatening. Online records indicate that he is now in custody at the York County Detention Center without bond or legal representation.

Bizarre attempted robbery incident in South Carolina

Reports suggest the man entered the Sharon Kwik Stop at approximately 5:45 PM on May 30. He wore a disguise of a mask, a wig, and a hoodie. Dalesandro approached the store clerk, brandishing the fake gun in his waistband

The man demanded the clerk to hand over money from the store’s cash register. The clerk feared the worst and handed him over $300. However, the York County Sheriff’s Office deputies caught him red-handed just as he was trying to escape. 

Nintendo Duck Hunt gun convenience store robbery South Carolina
The robber and the Nintendo Duck Hunt gun (Image courtesy of York County Sheriff’s Department)

The officers got a tip that Dalesandro was in the parking lot of a nearby Dollar General store. Once they got a hold of him, they recovered the Nintendo Duck Hunt as evidence from the convenience store robbery incident.  

While video game controllers have occasionally been stolen, this is a rare perplexing instance when someone has used them to steal something.

Social media reactions to the incident

The Nintendo Duck Hunt gun robbery incident has sparked hilarious reactions across social media. Dalesandro’s attempt to turn nostalgia into a weapon has landed him in legal trouble and turned him into an internet meme.

Some have resorted to mocking Dalesandro’s blue-dyed hair and effeminate appearance. A Twitter user joked that it’s weird that a South Carolina person couldn’t get their hands on an actual gun to rob a convenience store.

Nintendo Duck Hunt gun South Carolina robbery convenience store
Image courtesy of Twitter

If there’s anything positive about this incident, it reminded the gaming community and the older generation of Nintendo Duck Hunt’s nostalgic value. To this day, people still find alternative means to play these games on new platforms. Some have called for Nintendo to bring back Duck Hunt to the Switch console.

Details about the Nintendo Duck Hunt gun

The NES Zapper was originally designed for playing the 1984 game Nintendo Duck Hunt. It is a light gun controller mostly sold in gray with an orange trigger. Even though they cannot be used on modern TV sets, the controller has become a relic of sorts for collectors and enthusiasts.

To play Nintendo Duck Hunt, players would have to aim the gun at the screen and shoot at virtual ducks. The Zapper used light sensing technology, which flashes a white square on the screen when the player pulls the trigger. In turn, the gun would detect the light to determine if the player had hit their target accurately. 

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