Nexon’s MapleStory, the on-going free-to-play MMORPG from 2003 is getting its final chapter of the war with the game’s long-awaited villain, the Black Mage. The update also introduces two new Tenebris areas, an epic duel against Black Mage’s leading Commander Verus Hilla, and the monumental battle against the Black Mage himself.

The second area, Labyrinth of Suffering, is accessible to level 200 players or beyond who have completed the 5th job advancement. The quest ends with players confronting and duelling against Verus Hilla, one of Black Mage’s leading commanders. The final area, Limina, is also available as players must help the Tenebris expedition escape dangerous situations inside to complete the Journey of Destiny.

Additionally, every class will receive a new fifth job skill to fight the Black Mage and once the Maple Alliance gathers enough Determination to power up the Spark of Determination, all out war breaks loose as the highly anticipated Black Mage Boss Battle will become available.

With the Black Mage’s HP being shared across all worlds, MapleStory players across the world must work together in this epic battle to finally defeat the Black Mage. In addition, new defense missions have been added:

  • Defense Mission: Flame Bird Support – Players can learn the Flame Bird’s Summon skill by talking to Helena. While the Flame Bird is summoned, defeated monsters will drop Flame Bird’s Determination
  • Defense Mission: Twilight Defense – This mission involves 2-4 characters joining forces to defeat enemies using cannons and protect the castle walls
  • Defense Mission: Battle at Sea – Players must defeat enemies within the time limit with ships and crew members

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