MAPPA Animates video for Tokyo Great Bears ‘Volleyball Team’. Nature Lab Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) has declared the kickoff of the first season of the expert volleyball crew “Tokyo Great Bears”. With animation studio “MAPPA“, video chief “Hiro Kimura“, and craftsman “Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra“.

MAPPA says: We produced the opening movie with the cooperation and it will be unveiled for the first time at the home opening season on Saturday, October 29th, and Sunday, October 30th.

Who are Tokyo Great Bears and what is their motive?

Tokyo great bears
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Tokyo Great Bears is a men’s expert volleyball crew laid out in June 2022 situated in Tokyo. And is partaking in the “2022-23 V.LEAGUE DIVISION 1 MEN” that began on Saturday, October 22nd.

Through volleyball, the group’s way of thinking means to pass on to society the “dedication to victory“, “will not give up“, and “importance of teamwork“. The Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra delivers signature melody “The Big Dipper” in compassion for the group’s sentiments, the initial video is loaded with charm.

With live-action film by video chief Hiro Kimura and animation by animation studio MAPPA. Full of sumptuous video content that streams just at the match venue, loaded up with the energy of the Tokyo Great Bears players.

Why is MAPPA animating for Tokyo Great Bears and what is the reason for Hiro Kimura?

Mappa Animates with hiro kimura for tokyo great bears
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MAPPA supports the Tokyo Great Bears and that is why MAPPA is animating the opening theme video for Tokyo Great Bears. So, that they can contribute to the fans who support the Tokyo Great Bears through the power of animation. They hope you enjoy the video and the game.

Same for Hiro Kimura. This is what he says about it:
A very epoch-making and topical movie that was born in Nature Lab’s powerful network has been completed. We will continue to enthusiastically support the passion of the players on the court from off the court. GO Grebea!!

MAPPA animation studio

MAPPA Animation studio along with Hiro kimura
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Established in June 2011 by previous Madhouse maker Masao Maruyama. In April 2016, Manabu Otsuka, one of the established individuals, took over as president. Since its establishment, they have been arranging and creating different video works that are not limited by classification, like television movement, films, and web liveliness.

Their works include “Yuri!!! on ICE“, “Zombieland Saga“, “Attack on Titan The Last Season“, “Jujutsu Kaisen 0“, “Chainsaw Man” and many others.

Meet Hiro Kimura along with MAPPA animation studio

Hiro Kimura
Twitter pfp of @HiroKimura_

Moved to the US in 1999 and began filling in as a beautician. He was Japan’s driving dynamics as a stylist craftsman and assortments, but he turned into a photographic artist. Hiro’s motivation and inspiration are the act of establishing a connection between the photographer and his subject.

  • Begun his profession from zero as a colleague to Mr. Kazumi Kurigami, and moved to New York after becoming autonomous. He is in Japan, dynamic primarily in advertising/fashion/musician/photography.
  • And gaining practical experience in sharp and snappy representation photography, his work mirrors the inward universe of the subject himself. As a film chief, he has dealt with numerous music recordings and TV commercials.

Info about Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
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  • Their premise is Jamaican-born ska music. All sorts of music are their own translation and they designate the sound they play as “Tokyo Ska”. They have developed a unique style.
  • Their debut was in 1989, building a strong situation as an instrumental band, the collection delivered in 2002 won the number one hit chart.

In August 2021, they performed live at the closing ceremony of the “Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games”.  And keeps on extending the heaven of Tokyo Ska and proceeding to run at the front of the music scene.

Geek Pictures as the production

A planning and production organization for video content, events, and deals with advancements in sight and sounds like TV commercials, movies, and music videos.

They say: We have a sponsorship contract as an authority support who concurs with the Tokyo Great Bears’ way of thinking and goes for the “volleyball dream” together.


MAPPA Animation of tokyo great bears along with tokyo ska paradise
Courtesy of PRTimes

On June 1, 2022, Nature Lab’s volleyball crew was launched, with control over the FC Tokyo Volleyball crew. That had a long history in the V League.

The “Tokyo Great Bears” have moved forward in their old neighborhood of Tokyo, and are partaking in the “2022-23 V.LEAGUE DIVISION 1 MEN” as a group having a place with the V.LEAGUE DIVISION 1. And they assure that they will create a future where the volleyball world will be more exciting and more attractive.

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