Mark Middleton's Cause of death revealed after a year
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A former aide of Clinton, Mark Middleton’s death is revealed as a suicide after almost a year, more details surrounding his death are disclosed in the sheriff’s report.

What made Mark Middleton’s death resurface online?

Mark Middleton was a special advisor to former President Bill Clinton in the 1990s. He was also an aide to Thomas F. McLarty who was the presidential advisor.

  • Middleton, unfortunately, died in 2022 and matters surrounding it remained hidden from the public eye until now. According to reports, he had been working for his family’s HVAC business in Little Rock around the time of his death.
  • Although Mark Middleton died in May 2022, the details surrounding his death were only released this month. His grief-ridden family signed a petition in 2022 to prevent the publication of images from the troublesome scene.

  • The presiding judge on the case ruled that details and documents could be shared in the public interest. However, photographs could not be publicized due to the circumstances.
  • Recently, a report was released from Perry County Sheriff’s Deputy Jeremy Lawson. According to it, Middleton’s death is a suicide. However, the circumstances of his death aroused interest in conspiracy theories around the internet.

Details of Mark Middleton’s suicide

The details surrounding Mark Middleton’s suicide can be disturbing, hence, the reader’s discretion is advised.

  • The report stating the circumstances of Middleton’s death raised more questions than answers. According to it, Mark Middleton died on May 7, 2022, at the Heifer Ranch in Perryville, Arkansas, an hour west of Little Rock.
  • The police noted he suffered a gunshot wound to the chest which might be the cause of his death. However, along with the gunshot wound, Middleton also had an extension cord wrapped around his neck. The cord was tied to a branch of a tree directly above his body.
  • Upon investigation officials discovered three boxes of buckshot and a gun case, however, they couldn’t find the weapon which lengthen the case.
  • As per the latest revelations, the gun was found near his body ultimately concluding the case as a suicide.
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The report confirms it was a suicide case

According to the reports disclosed in public, there was no evidence of foul play and the late Middleton also left a tearjerking farewell note to his family. In his final note, Middleton assured his wife Rhea stating, he’s “going to rest for a while,

  • Furthermore, he complimented her saying she’s a great mom and wife. Even during his last moment he wished to comfort his wife and encouraged her to enjoy the weather. “Please be happy and get some sun. It will make you feel better. I love you,” the tragic message including a heart emoji is the last thing Middleton texted before taking his life.

  • The report as such confirms it was a suicide, however, the public isn’t yet convinced. The circumstances of this case and many other deaths surrounding the Clinton family are provoking rumors around the family.
  • There is no confirmation about the rumors of the Clintons’ involvement in the case, however, public sentiments about Mark Middleton’s death remain at odds.
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The petition from Mark Middleton’s family

In June 2022, Judge Alice Gray granted a request from the family of Mark Middleton to seal all visual remains including photos and video in the investigation of his death.

  • The Court found that the Middletons had a case of “protected privacy interest in the Media Content.” Thus, the ruling of the petition was in favor of Middlentons. The benefit to the Middleton family of keeping the images private outweighed the public interest in accessing the images.
  • “Any reasonable person would find the disclosure of the Media Content distressful or embarrassing,” the Judge added in the verdict.

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