Here, you will read about the Vault Onboarding vault chain of missions including how to begin it and how to finish it. 

Vault Onboarding 

The Vault Onboarding mission comprises of various strides to finish. We’ll separate how to finish each step underneath. 

Stage 1 

To get the Vault Onboarding vault chain, you should do one of two things: Begin the Avengers Initiative segment of the game or locate a concealed Vault Resource. 

The Avengers Initiative features Iconic Mission chains, Training Modules, Villian Sectors, Secret Missions, HARM Rooms and vaults. It’s a post campaign online challenge for you and up to 3 other players to complete. 

When you’ve acquired the Vault Resource vault chain, you’ll discover that stage one is discovering one of the shrouded Vaults mission (by the method of finding a Vault Resource). 

In the event that you got the Vault Resource vault chain by finding a hidden Vault Resource, you’ll see that you have just finished Step 1 and are prepared for Step 2. 

Stage 2 

To finish Step 2 of the Vault Onboarding vault chain, you should finish a Vaults mission. 

Vaults are concealed missions that must be found subsequent to finding a Vault Resource in a shrouded dugout inside one of the game’s numerous multiplayer stagers. 

Subsequent to finding a Vault Resource, a Vault’s mission will show up on the War Table. 

Complete one of these Vaults missions to finish Step 2 of Vault Onboarding. 

Stage 3 


To finish Step 3 of the Vault Onboarding vault chain, you should finish the Forest Vault. 






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