Marvel Snap: January 31 patch features the first Series Drop and more!

After the latest patch, which saw numerous balance changes, we finally have confirmation on Second Dinner’s plans for the Series Drop. Many fans were dismayed when they discovered that new cards would be entering Series 5. It will take a long while for them to build their collection to get a chance to buy these cards at the shop. The downgrade will allow more players access to some of the older series 4 and 5 cards while new cards also enter circulation.

How It Works

Those who already own the series 4 and 5 cards before the drop will now get a badge to commemorate them getting a first edition of the card. Here are the series 4 cards that will become Series 3 by the end of January:

  • She-Hulk
  • Absorbing Man
  • Titania
  • Luke Cage

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Going series 3 means these cards will be 10x times easier to find when opening collector reserves. Here are the other cards dropping from Series 5 to Series 4.

  • Super Skrull
  • Shuri
  • Black Panther
  • Valkyrie
  • Bast

It looks like series drops will be the way for cards to become more accessible each patch. Since Marvel Snap operates on a monthly patch style, we’ll likely see this as the trend moving forward. Developers also say there might be some last-minute kinks to work out, but they can work on it quickly after the patch deploys.

Other Updates

While there will be series drops, Galactus and Thanos will never downgrade from Series 5. According to the developers, the cards are too impactful and iconic to warrant the drop. The first edition badge will also reflect on all variants and splits of the cards within the player’s collection if they got those before the drop.

Second Dinner is also looking into the Token Shop and will change how it works moving forward. It’s because many of the new cards aren’t as accessible as before. The change that will apply on the January 31 patch is increasing the tokens they get from the reserves by 500% upon completion of Series 3. It’s not the only change, but they’ll want to contemplate how to make Series 4 and 5 accessible for those who haven’t completed Series 3.

Battle Mode

The long-awaited Battle Mode may be coming into the January 31 update, as the developers planned to do it as early as possible in 2023. The mode will allow friends to battle for life points using a single deck of their choice. They will get a unique code to input, and the game will match them together. The system will also make it possible to hold tournaments for Marvel Snap.

Using Battle mode will not affect a player’s ranks. There will also be some rule changes to accommodate Battle Mode, which they’ll reveal soon.

Savage Land season has introduced some new cards like Shadow King and Sauron, but few players have gotten them. Here’s hoping that new cards become more accessible over time.

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