Marvel Snap: What’s the new battle mode? – All details

If there’s one thing missing from Marvel Snap, it’s the ability to add your friends to the game and potentially battle them. It looks like this will be the next focus of the game, as the developers recently revealed their plans to launch Battle Mode. Battle mode is the game’s feature that allows you to fight friends. Previously, you were only able to fight people within the ladder.

Battling with a Twist

Unlike the standard ranked mode, where you’re battling for cubes, you’ll be betting using health in battle mode. Each player starts with ten health and can Snap to double their bet. Players can stand to win (or lose) 1, 2, 4, and 8 health depending on how each game progresses. From there, the players will do a series of battles until one opponent has no HP remaining.

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The Battle mode is a part of the developmental road map shared during the game’s official launch in October. Before its launch, the game has been undergoing testing by slowly opening up to different regions globally. Battle mode is only one of the many other things they have planned for the release. Other things in development include:

  • New competitive modes
  • In-game events
  • Emotes and card emojis
  • Variant rarities
  • Mythic card variants
  • Unranked modes
  • PC early access

Marvel Snap right now feels bare bones, but there’s enough content for players to enjoy while they wait for new updates.

The Appeal of Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap has gained many positive reviews since it began launching on mobile. Players enjoy the fact that it isn’t a pay-to-win mobile game like the standard in the market. Games are fast compared to other CCGs, ending after five rounds. These quick games last an average of 3 minutes.

Marvel has always been something that’s appealing to all gamers. There’s also the fact that Snap is trying to implement many of the Marvel characters into its game. The ability to create numerous decks and the game’s location system also keep every game feeling fresh.

Kinks to Fix

The Second Dinner team developing Marvel Snap is headed by former HearthStone lead Ben Brode. He has learned a lot from managing the popular Blizzard CCG and placing his experience in Marvel Snap. Back during the beta, there were many bugs and compatibility issues that they’ve fixed since launch. However, there are still some criticisms from its current player base.

Second Dinner experimented with a microtransaction system, resulting in backlash from players. They essentially tried to hide content within a massive paywall. Second Dinner apologized for their actions and later rewarded the players for their patience. They are still experimenting to see the best way to implement in-game events.

Other than that, the collection system is another point of contention. Players want to be able to access the cards they need through a crafting system or something similar. Brode has been adamant about keeping the game as it is to promote more variety between decks.

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