Marvel Snap: Winterverse event gives free signed Nick Fury card

Marvel Snap continues its momentum on the holidays with constant updates and a healthy shakeup with the addition of new cards. The company seems to focus on events that provide rewards and paid options to those who want to spend. They recently released several Winterverse bundles you can buy for gold. However, the biggest giveaway is free, and you can acquire all by logging in daily.

Daily Freebies in Marvel Snap

Players can get free rewards every day from December 20 just by logging in. Here’s a list of what you can get, as posted in the game:

  • December 20: 100 credits
  • December 21: 30 boosters
  • December 22: 100 gold
  • December 23: 100 credits
  • December 24: 150 credits
  • December 25: Nick Fury card with Samuel Jackson’s signature
  • December 26: 200 gold

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Series 3 players will also get a chance to snag limited-time variants of several cards. Those who open a Collector’s Reserve during the Winterverse event may get a Winterverse variant. Several Marvel heroes and villains will get the winter treatment. These include Rogue, Abomination, Patriot, Ebony Maw, and Rockslide.

Winter Wonderland Special

The in-game shop also has a new bundle available you can purchase for gold. The Winter Wonderland Bundle contains the following items

  • 1 Winter Vacation Sunspot Variant
  • 8000 Credits
  • 2000 Collector’s Tokens
  • Sunspot Avatar
  • 100 Sunspot Boosters
  • Tacos After This? Title

The bundle is available for 6000 gold and will be at the shop for almost two weeks. The Shielded Heart Bundle will also be available for two more days. Those that want it may get the bundle for 5000 gold. It contains the following items:

  • Mister Fantastic Variant
  • Invisible Woman Variant
  • Doctor Doom Variant
  • Mister Fantastic avatar
  • Invisible Woman avatar
  • Doctor Doom avatar
  • 3000 Credits

The Winter Wonderland Special provides a lot of value by boosting your credit reserves. It also gives you an exclusive avatar, title, and Sunspot variant, one of the strongest 1-drops in the game. Those who’ve collected lots of gold may want to buy it. There’s also an option to buy gold at the store. Getting the 8000 gold bundle is the most expensive, but it will allow you to buy these new offerings.

The Marvel Snap Meta Shakeup

The addition of series 4 and 5 has shaken up the meta by providing a new direction for established decks, while opening paths for new ones. Sera remains at the top with the addition of cards like Silver Surfer to add to its bag of tricks. There’s also the resurgence of Mister Negative decks fueled by Galactus’ Herald.

Cards like She-Hulk and Galactus are causing waves in higher ladder ranks. There’s even talk of a potential Galactus nerf after people are now seeing its combination with Doctor Octopus. Cards like Bast are also seeing a lot of play, with the meta putting a lot of focus on turn 6 plays that secure match wins.

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