Marvel’s Avengers Game – Hulk’s Abilities & Combat Mechanics Revealed

Marvel Avenger’s finally got gameplay reveal at this year’s E3 after being teased back in 2017. Today, we got more information about the abilities of one of the most popular character’s, Hulk.

The tweet shows a gif focusing on the Thunderclap, the Ultimate ability of Hulk. When Thunderclap is used, Hulks smashes his hands together releasing “a shockwave of devastating, concussive force.” As expected, the shockwave generated clears the path of enemies by thrusting the enemies backward. The second ability is Gamma Rush, the assault ability, where Hulk becomes a “human battering ram.” During the attack, Hulk grabs the first enemy and rams him onto the ground at the end, thereby damaging inflicting damage and staggering nearby opponents.

Finally, there is the Boneshaker, the support ability. When this ability is activated, Hulk taunts all nearby enemies and draws their attention. Teammates around him get a gameplay buff when this ability is activated.

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