Marvel’s Avengers Leak Reveals A Video Gameplay Of Comic-Con

What would we have done without leaks?

During E3 2019 we finally had the chance to discover the first details about Marvel’s Avengers. The new game dedicated to the most powerful Avengers on Earth, in development at Crystal Dynamics studios. At the Los Angeles festival, we had the chance to discover that it is an action game with coop elements (but only for secondary missions) to which new heroes and new campaigns will be added after the release.

These days, moreover, Marvel’s Avengers has been part of the San Diego Comic-Con line-up. In both cases, however, no gameplay videos were released. So we players had to content ourselves with imagining what it would be like to control Hulk, Thor, and company. Now, however, we have the opportunity to see it with our own eyes thanks to an off-screen video released by leaks. Obviously, the quality is not very high and the camera frame tends to lose the screen. But, this still allows us to see the Avengers give battle.

The video begins with Thor who obviously uses his hammer to hit his opponents. He can also cast it and recall it, or block enemies against the walls. In a move that is reminiscent of Kratos’ attack with the freezing ax of the last God of War. Each hero will also have his own special attacks and Thor is able to unleash a lightning storm.

Then comes the turn of Iron Man who, after an air chase with a very classic cut (between shots and side dodges) performs in close combat. Finally, there are a few moments of Hulk, which breaks everything as usual. This leak greatly anticipates the official reveal, which will take place at Gamescom, or in the week between 26 and 30 August.

The Comic-Con, however, gave us official information on the game. To start with, it has been stated that every superhero will have plenty of costumes to choose from. Furthermore, a Collector’s Edition created in collaboration with Gentle Giant has been confirmed. In fact, there will be a PVC statue of Captain America 30 centimeters high and hand-painted. Finally, it has been revealed that the PS4 version will have exclusive content, for example, it will be possible to access the beta in advance (other bonuses will be revealed later).

Tell us, what do you think of the Marvel’s Avengers gameplay video?



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