Marvel’s Avengers Leak Reveals Gameplay Scenes With Captain America And Iron Man

Despite being a highly anticipated title by much of the Marvel’s Avengers community, it hasn’t shown much to the general public yet, except for the reveal at E3 2019.

Fortunately, several leaks have come to the aid of the eagerly awaited fans, including that of long gameplay. After several days from this video, there are two more Marvel’s Avengers scenes leaked.

A short clip showing off Cap’s shield throwing from MarvelAvengersProject

A short gif showing off Iron Man’s melee attacks from MarvelAvengersProject

In the first video, Captain America can be seen in action, with the first avenger intent on hurling the iconic shield at his enemies. In the second one is instead Iron Man to take the scene, with the famous superhero who engages in some devastating close-ups.

Obviously, from such scenes, it is difficult to understand much of the expected title but to observe the two characters in action, even if for a few seconds, is always a pleasure.

Marvel’s Avengers is currently expected for PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and Google Stadia for May 15th, 2020. What do you think of this news, did you like the gameplay scenes that was leaked? What do you think of Marvel’s Avengers, do you think the title of Square Enix will honor the name it bears? Let us know your predictions directly in the comments!


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