The latest update for Marvel’s Avengers was scheduled for November 30. However, not all platforms would have been able to access the update on the mentioned date. The update was then pushed back to the 1st of December for Microsoft Windows. Players with other consoles such as the PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Stadia were able to download the update.


In a Twitter post, the developers stated that an issue was discovered in the Windows PC build. Due to this, the PC update patch 2.2 was moved back to December 1. Apologizing for the inconvenience, the developers stated that they wanted to ensure the issue had been properly taken care of before releasing the update.


  • The update patch was meant to resolve certain issues. The primary one among them is crashes being fixed. Players had been experiencing crashes on the Windows 10 version of the game. This can happen when dynamic resolution scaling and dynamic DLSS are activated together when using a 4K display.
  • Gameplay changes are also included in the patch. The level cap is increased from 150 to 175. Equipment of higher power levels can be recycled to improve other ones being used at the time. The Loads functionality will now also allow players to obtain resources, aesthetic elements, and other objects.

Spider-Man Joins Marvel’s Avengers

Square Enix recently took to the game’s Twitter page to announce a ‘slew of content’ which will drop at the end of this month. This content pack also includes your favorite web-slinger who is all set to arrive in the game on November 30.

“Mark those calendars! A slew of content and reworks is all dropping on November 30! Klaw Raid: Discordant Sound, Gear Upgrade and Resources Reworks, Earned Cosmetics, Spider-Man Hero Event for PS4 and PS5, and more!”
tweeted @PlayAvengers.

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