Marvel's Iron Man VR
Courtesy of Sony & Marvel

On April 2nd, PlayStation shared the painful information about delaying two of their upcoming games. Due to logistic reasons, PlayStation had to delay The Last of Us Part II and Marvel’s Iron Man VR until further notice. “Logistically, the global crisis is preventing us from providing the launch experience our players deserve,” the company wrote in the announcement tweet. While the new release date for The Last of Us Part II was revealed quite earlier, PlayStation had no word about the release date of Marvel’s Iron Man VR until now. Today, the company has announced the new and final release date for Marvel’s Iron Man VR.

Posting on Twitter, PlayStation announced that Marvel’s Iron Man VR will now arrive on July 3. This new release date puts the game between The Last of Us Part II (June 19) and Ghost of Tsushima (July 17). It’s a back-to-back schedule for PlayStation players and a good thing since we’re all stuck in our homes due to the pandemic.

The announcement tweet promises more information in the coming weeks. As of writing this news piece, we have nothing else except for the release date. This year would most certainly be the end of PlayStation’s current-gen console as the company hasn’t hinted on any other first-party titles for PS4 as of now. And as we’re aware, PS5 arrives this holiday season.

Some rumors today claimed the PS5 will arrive in October, which PlayStation debunked. This leaves us with a release window for November-December. All we know about the PS5 right now are its specs and its forward-looking controller, the DualSense. PlayStation hasn’t talked about its price, release date, or bundled games so far.

We’ll keep you updated with Marvel’s Iron Man VR as more information arrives. A source thinks Sony is preparing for an event in June. The dates are jumbled right now but the event is inevitable and we’ll have information on it pretty soon.

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