Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Latest Leaks We Know So Far

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Latest Leaks

The first official trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 really got fans hyped up. There have been many theories and speculations from fans regarding the upcoming Spider-Man game. With the exception of confirming a Fall 2023 release timeframe, Insomniac hasn’t provided much information about what we might anticipate in the game since then. However, there are some leaks from various sources that came to the surface. In this article, we are going to list the latest leaks we know so far on Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

Latest Leaks of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Venom as a playable character

People are assuming that players can control both Peter Parker and Miles Morales in the upcoming Spider-Man game since the first trailer release. As time passes, more and more players believe this theory is true. But what about the third character that showed up in the trailer, Venom?

Spider-Man 2 Latest Leaks
Venom, screengrab courtesy of PlayStation

As soon as Insomniac introduced the symbiote, fans of the Ultimate Spider-Man video game from 2005 began wondering if Venom would be playable.

Although Insomniac already confirmed that the Venom in the game will not be Eddie Brock, they never once said that Venom is not playable. Fans are speculating that either the alien-powered villain will be a playable character, or it will come as a DLC in the future.

Storyline Leak

In 4chan, the website that famously provides true but also fake leaks, a lot of users posted leaks about the storyline of the game. While most of them are fan-made theories, there is a leak that got a lot of attention, and even made its way to Reddit since it’s considered a plausible leak.

Spider-Man 2 Latest Leaks
Kraven the Hunter, screengrab courtesy of PlayStation

This particular storyline leak stated that:

  • Kraven will be hired by Norman Osborne. The Hunter needs the symbiote to treat his son Harry Osborne, so he must get it from Peter.
  • He wants Kraven to get some DNA samples from Miles and Peter so he can use them in more research.
  • Kraven wants to kill Peter, but Norman encourages him not to because it would be bad for his reputation. Kraven rejects this idea and decides to kill Spider-Man out of spite.

Larger Playable Map

It’s been widely reported that the upcoming sequel to Marvel’s Spider-Man will include the other New York boroughs, particularly Brooklyn and Queens. The cities of which has only been playable in one Spider-Man game to date: Ultimate Spider-Man.

Insomniac has already provided fans with an impressive Manhattan map with plenty for players to explore in its Marvel’s Spider-Man titles. Being the childhood homes of the protagonists, Miles and Peter have special connections to both places.

It does seem logical to increase the play area to fit Miles Morales’ and Peter Parker’s playable powers which let them move through the open world much more quickly.

Spider-Verse connection

Spider-Man 2 Latest Leaks
Across the Spider-Verse, screengrab courtesy of NewRockstars via Youtube

Marvel has released the second Miles Morales Spider-Man movie, Across The Spider-Verse. In the movie, Insomniac’s version of Spider-Man can be seen walking around in the Spider-Verse.

While it’s a long shot, this gesture could possibly be a hint that there will be somewhat of a connection between Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 with the Spider-Verse.

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