Marvel's Spider-Man 2: Will Mysterio be a Main or Side Quest Villain?
Marvel's Spider-Man 2: (Image by Spiel Times)

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is building up to be an exciting sequel to the 2018 hit. Several iconic Spider-Man villains are confirmed or teased to appear, raising speculation about the roster Insomniac Games is assembling. The latest State of Play gameplay trailer unveiled a surprise presence – Mysterio. This unveiling prompts questions about how big or small his role will be.

Will Mysterio be a Main or Side Quest Villain in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2?

Mysterio's emblem from the Marvel comics
Mysterio’s emblem from the Marvel comics (Image via PlayStation)

Mysterio Symbol Briefly Spotted in Open World

During an extended segment showcasing Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s expanded open-world map, the in-game HUD displayed waypoints for different city objectives. One of these waypoints briefly showed a mysterious green symbol. This logo closely matches Mysterio’s emblem from the Marvel comics. Its inclusion likely confirms that Quentin Beck, under his alias Mysterio, will appear in the sequel as a villain.

However, the context of the symbol’s appearance does not clarify whether Mysterio will be a main villain fought in the critical path campaign or simply an optional side quest. The brief manner of his reveal hints that he may not be central to the main plot against Venom and Kraven the Hunter. But his role could still be significant regardless.

Potential For Trippy Hallucinogenic Sequences

One of the standout sequences in Marvel’s Spider-Man was when Scorpion poisoned Spidey, causing a surreal hallucinogenic experience. Mysterio’s expertise with illusions and trickery could easily lend itself to similarly trippy gameplay moments. His reality-bending powers allow for creative combat and boss battles where the environment is distorted.

Fighting through a convoluted maze of optical illusions while countering Mysterio’s attacks could be a psychedelic highlight. His presence opens up many possibilities for interesting confrontations unlike those against brutes like Rhino.

Foundation Already Laid in Previous Game

While never directly encountered, Mysterio was subtly referenced in the original Marvel’s Spider-Man game. During the ESU campus party, one of the students wore a costume of Quentin Beck’s iconic fishbowl helmet. This background easter egg set the stage for his existence in Insomniac’s Spider-Man universe.

Now that Curt Connors has been confirmed to appear as the Lizard after being introduced as a scientist in the first game, it makes sense narratively for Mysterio to follow a similar path. The groundwork is already laid for him to emerge as a more prominent adversary in the sequel.

Good Fit for a Sinister Six Lineup

Sinister Six Marvels
Sinister Six Marvels (Image via Spiel Times)

In the comics, Mysterio has regularly appeared as part of Spider-Man’s core rogues gallery known as the Sinister Six. This team of villains rotates in and out but frequently includes Mysterio, Vulture, Electro, Hobgoblin, Doctor Octopus, and others. Kraven is also a recurring Sinister Six member, and Venom sometimes joins the team.

Having both Kraven and Venom already confirmed for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hints that assembling the Sinister Six could be a narrative direction. If so, incorporating Mysterio as well fits perfectly to round out the team. This would establish him as a major player instead of a side attraction.

Potential to be Relegated to Optional Side Content

On the other hand, the brief glimpse of Mysterio’s logo could imply he will merely be an optional side quest villain, not a main story focus. Marvel’s Spider-Man had many collectibles relating to capturing escaped inmates from The Raft prison. Mysterio could easily be woven into similar side content as a mini-boss fight.

Not every villain Insomniac teases is guaranteed to be central to the critical path. While some fans would be disappointed to not battle Mysterio as a major antagonist, encounters with him through optional challenges could still be satisfying. His inclusion as supplemental content would add more variety to the game.

Conclusion: Mysterio’s Exact Role Still a Mystery

Until Insomniac reveals more details about Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 story and content, it is impossible to definitively say whether Mysterio will be a main boss fight in the core campaign or relegated to side missions. The brief nature of his teaser implies the latter, but he could still have an integral role against Venom and Kraven as part of a Sinister Six arc.

Either way, the Master of Illusion’s arrival adds even more variety to the sequel’s cadre of villains. When the game swings onto PS5 this October, players will get to experience Mysterio’s tricks and illusions, whether through core story missions or optional challenges. His appearance raises the stakes, and fans can look forward to web-swinging their way through whatever mystical dangers he conjures up.

If you have any further questions about whether Mysterio is a Main or side-quest villain in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2? Comment below. We would love to hear from you and help you.

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