Marvel’s Spider-Man 2: Will we see Yuri Watanabe as Wraith?

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Will we see Yuri Watanabe as Wraith

The rumor mill is spinning again; this time, the buzz is about Yuri Watanabe, AKA The Wraith. Will she finally make her debut in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 game?

Like me, if you’re eagerly anticipating seeing Yuri make her complete transformation into Wraith, you’re in the right place. Let’s dive into this engaging discussion.

Who is Yuri Watanabe?

  • Yuri Watanabe, the former captain of the NYPD, is one of the most loved characters from Spider-Man PS4. She shares a fantastic connection with Spider-Man throughout the game’s main narrative.
  • The exceptional chemistry between the voice actors and real-life couple, Yuri Lowenthal and Tara Platt has undoubtedly contributed to this affection.

Transformation of Yuri

Before we speculate if Wraith will finally debut, reviewing the events leading up to Yuri transitioning to her other persona within this game’s universe is essential. Throughout Spider-Man PS4, the bond between Spider-Man and Yuri is evident. They are a strong buddy cop duo, working together to stop the crime and chaos throughout the story.

Spider-Man DLC

However, things took a significant turn during the City That Never Sleeps DLC, specifically during the second chapter, Turf Wars.

This chapter is marked by a hostage situation where Hammerhead and the Maggia have taken NYPD officers hostage, in the old Harlem sanitarium. While there’s a standoff between the NYPD and the Maggia, Yuri assembles a squad of officers to sneak into the sanitarium.

  • A sequence of tragic events culminates in Yuri witnessing her men being killed one by one. Eventually, she ends up accidentally killing the last surviving officer herself.
  • The DLC showcases Yuri’s descent into rage and revenge for trying to kill Hammerhead for what he did. We also learn about Yuri’s corrupt father, a former police captain secretly trying to take out the Maggia.

The Arrival of Wraith

During the finale, after Spider-Man defeats Hammerhead, Yuri ties down Peter with one of Sable’s electrified ropes and almost kills Hammerhead. This leads to Yuri being forced into administrative leave.

In the subsequent chapter of the DLC, Silver Lining, Yuri transitions into a vigilante, hinting at her transformation into The Wraith.

Spider-Man 2: Yuri’s Debut as Wraith?

  • Given how Insomniac Games has handled Yuri within Spider-Man PS4, it is likely that we’ll see her make her official debut as Wraith.
  • She may play a part in the game’s main story, given her strong connection with Peter, thereby adding more emotional depth to the narrative.

As much as we are eager to see Yuri’s debut as Wraith in Spider-Man 2, at this current moment, we’re still determining what other characters will be included in the game. We can only wait and see how Insomniac will handle Yuri’s character in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts.

Will we see Yuri in Spider-Man 2 as Wraith? How do you think Insomniac will handle her character within the game?

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