Spider-Man Collector's Edition

Marvel’s Spider-Man or Insomniac Games presents Marvel’s Spider-Man is closing towards its releasing date. And with every passing day, we’re having great surprises. Today, bringing you the secret that lies within Spider-Man Collector’s Edition and why Insomniac Games don’t want you to open it.

During a Twitch livestream, Insomniac Games confirmed that the Collector’s Edition contains a big action-figure of some significant character we’ll come to know of in the game. However, the studio doesn’t want to reveal the identity or role of the character until the player reaches the latter part of the game.

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Insomniac said, “Someone asked if we’re gonna show the full collector’s edition, and the answer is no. It’s a spoiler and it’ll even say on the box: ‘Don’t look at this till you’ve played far enough in the game”.Spider-Man Collector's Edition

This makes no sense whatsoever. I feel pity for those who pre-ordered the edition already. I’m pretty sure they’ll have to pick out the game disc extremely carefully so as to avoid the spoiler-statue.

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It’s interesting how developers have included the action-figure in the first place. No matter what, this character is surely an important character in the game.

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  1. its dr. octopus so now you know!!! youre welcome !

    1. Spoiler

      It’s Green Goblin. 😉

      1. It’s obviously Shredder from the Ninja Turtles. Cross over game confirmed.

  2. Well that was pretty stupid….WTF were they thinking? Of course, I’m sure “they” weren’t the devs, but rather people involved in sales and publishing *ᶜᵒᵘᵍʰ*ˢᵒⁿʸ*ᶜᵒᵘᵍʰ .

    1. Well actually, the spoiler status will come in a sealed packet with clear instructions not to open it.

      I was unaware of it at the time of publishing. So sorry, but yeah, there you go.

  3. Yeah because nobody has internet and it wont be spoiled on YT or on other social media by a thumbnail the day of the release or the day after…

    1. I guess it’s already spoiled. No point of this article anyways.

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