Sony’s upcoming remaster of PS4’s Marvel’s Spider-Man has been under a lot of heat from the game’s fans due to a plethora of issues. One of them is the developers changing the face of Peter Parker from the original game for the PS5 version which is set to launch this fall alongside the PS5.

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Peter’s face in the upcoming Spider-Man Remastered

This new change wasn’t well-received by the millions of the fans of the game but it seems though some people really took it to a different level if Creative Director Bryan Intihar’s recent Tweet is any indication.

Bryan isn’t the first Creative Director to receive such foul comments. Naughty Dog’s Neil Druckmann also suffered a similar fate earlier this year before the launch of the studio’s highly anticipated title The Last Of Us Part 2.

Moreover, Actor Laura Bailey, who played the role of Abby in The Last Of Us Part 2 also received malicious comments over social media.

2020 has been a difficult year especially for the video game industry where we saw multiple delays from the biggest games, got some ground-breaking insights on the poor working conditions at some of the biggest AAA studios, toxic work culture at Ubisoft, and many more shocking revelations that shook the industry. In between all of this, news like these just depicts how toxic a certain part of the community has become.




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