Aunt May was nearly eliminated from the PlayStation 4 game, according to Dan Slott, the acclaimed creator of numerous Spider-Man comics. Marvel comics writer Dan Slott, who contributed to 2018’s Spider-Man, detailed the Aunt May predicament in an interview with GamesRadar. 

  • Originally, the plan was to have Aunt May call Peter and talk to him on the phone over the radio. However, she will not be present in the game as an NPC or physically modeled figure.
  • Slott was steadfast that Aunt May would appear in Spider-Man. In the Tom Holland Spider-Man films, Marisa Tomei portrays Aunt May, and she is much younger than any other version of the character. Fortunately, the team eventually came to an agreement.
“They were telling me the reality of it; according to them, old characters – wrinkly characters – to make them look good and realistic, it takes a big amount of work. Equal to what they could use to create five other characters.
Look, Marisa Tomei isn’t that old. Aunt May doesn’t have to be super wrinkly; she can be less wrinkly.”
– Dan Slott, Spider-Man Comics Writer

After stressing to the developers that she doesn’t have to be that elderly to still be Aunt May, Slott was able to convince Insomniac to include Aunt May in a videogame.

Marvel’s Spider-Man

  • Both critics and audiences of the game appreciated Insomniac Games’ Marvel’s Spider-Man, which was released in 2018. The plot follows Peter Parker, who has been Spider-Man for a number of years.
  • He tries to fill a vacuum of power in New York City following the arrest of Wilson Fisk, or The Kingpin. Aunt May comes throughout the game to offer wise counsel to Perter as he tries to keep the local homeless shelter afloat.

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