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The narrative of Spider-Man: No Way Home splits wide the multiverse to include various villains from prior Spidey franchises, and it is releasing on December 17th.

Spider-Man has previously experimented with alternate universes, most notably in the animated film Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which includes a nod to Insomniac’s game. We recently received our first glimpse at Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the sequel to that film.

New Suit Coming

The two suits are debuting in a trailer that incorporates them into the game’s cutscenes. They appear to be the black-and-gold costume, as well as a new version of the red-and-gold suit, as seen in numerous trailers. Some fans believe the second costume is a re-imagining of the Iron Spider suit with additions from Dr. Strange, who plays a key part in the upcoming film.

The black suit has a passing resemblance to another suit Peter wears in the Spider-Man narrative. In which the suit has vivid yellow highlights as well. Compared to No Way Home’s textured suit with gold highlights, that one was sleeker.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man, Peter Parker can adopt a pair of new outfits as part of an update to coincide with the upcoming Spider-Man: No Way Home theatrical release. Additionally, the free update will start on December 10th and will be available only in the Spider-Man PS5 version. However, as expected, several fans were dissatisfied with the fact that the suits will be available only to PS5 users. This is even though the game was first launched on PS4.

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