Mashle Episode 12 – Final episode summary, what’s next and more!

Mashle Episode 12 - Final episode summary, what's next and more!

The last episode of Hajime Komoto’s fantasy-comedy anime, “Mashle: Magic and Muscles,” was broadcasted on July 1, 2023. This marked the conclusion of the first season. Garnering significant online popularity, Mashle episode 12 wrapped up the season. Here is a detailed Mashle episode 12 summary as well as a discussion on what awaits us in the upcoming season of the anime.

Mashle Episode 12 discussion – Everything that happened

Alder Dorm celebrates after their victory against Abel

Abel and Abyss | Image courtesy of Crunchyroll
Abel and Abyss | Image courtesy of Crunchyroll

Mashle episode 12 opens with Mash, Lemon, Finn, and Dot rejoicing over their triumph against the Magia Lupus of House Lang. Additionally, we are granted glimpses into Abyss’ past, delving into his background. It’s a heartwarming sight to witness Abel embracing Abyss as his friend.

He does it despite the fact that being associated with Abyss brings him disdain from many individuals. This is due to Abyss’ unique “Evil Eye,” which nullifies all magic, branding him as an outcast. Nevertheless, Abel grants Abyss a sense of purpose, enabling Abyss to finally recognize his own value.

Cell War appears – Powers Explained!

During the festivities, an intriguing character introduced in Mashle’s previous episode, episode 11, emerges from the shadows. In Mashle episode 12, we discover that the name of this member of Innocent Zero is Cell War.

In a commanding manner, Cell War strides into the room and proceeds to inflict torment upon Abel. He holds Abel accountable for his perceived failure. It becomes apparent that Innocent Zero, the criminal organization, sought specific information from the Easton Magic Academy. They desired intelligence regarding the Headmaster, Wahlberg, as well as the whereabouts of an individual believed to be within the academy.

Mashle Episode 12 - Final episode summary, what's next and more!
Cell War | Image courtesy of Crunchyroll

Cell War’s peculiar abilities seem to revolve around carbon manipulation, providing an explanation for his ability to control Abel’s limbs. This is how he was able to lead Abel to his self-inflicted choking. Additionally, his shape-shifting capabilities can be attributed to his influence over human cells, composed predominantly of carbon.

Furthermore, Cell War displays the usage of a robust and black allotrope of carbon, as confirmed by Dot, emphasizing its strength. He is also able to open portals to, what appears to be, a different location. We also perhaps catch a glimpse of Cell War’s Secondth cast, a massive black creature whose arms emerge from the portal, towards the end of Mashle episode 12.

Cell War tries to impale Abel with a sharp carbon rock, but Abyss throws himself in the way to protect Abel. Although the wound inflicted was mortal, Mash offers him Lemon’s Magic Handkerchief, which allows Abyss to live.

Abel and Mash team up – Cell War’s Magic Mirror

As a barrage of carbon rocks hurtles toward Abel and Abyss, Mash intervenes to shield them. He starts shattering the projectiles with his mighty punches. However, Mash’s energy reserves deplete rapidly, pushing him to the brink of exhaustion. Just as Cell prepares to deliver a grievous blow to Mashle, Abel snaps back to his senses and unleashes his Marioness Secondth: Harm Puppet.

The narrative unfolds with Abel and Mash joining forces, engaging in a relentless battle against Cell War. Eventually, Mash successfully lands a decisive strike on Cell, earning commendation from his adversary. Additionally, Abel undergoes a noticeable transformation in his demeanor in Mashle episode 12, endearing himself to the audience even more.

Abel Walker | Image courtesy of Crunchyroll
Abel Walker | Image courtesy of Crunchyroll

“The strong take from the weak; that is their right. And, the weak oppose the strong, and that’s also their right. I am seeing for myself what is righteous, with my own hands.”
– Abel Walker, Mashle: Magic and Muscles

Subsequently, Cell War reveals the Spellflection Mirror, an enchanted mirror capable of reflecting any magic directed towards it. This renowned Magic Mirror stands as one of the most formidable weapons in a world heavily influenced by magical abilities.

Previously, it was believed to be under strict protection by the Ministry of Magic. Nevertheless, Mash, who relies solely on physical prowess rather than magic, effortlessly smashes through the mirror with a powerful kick, reducing it to shards. Seizing the opportunity, Mash lands a forceful kick on Cell himself. However, upon realizing that Mash is the sought-after student pursued by Innocent Zero, Cell retreats from the confrontation.

“Mash can’t use magic” – The cat is out of the bag!

As Mash successfully strikes the Spellflection Mirror, Lemon, Finn, Dot, Abel, and Abyss become aware that Mash is devoid of any magical abilities. Nonetheless, they make a pact to safeguard this revelation, vowing to keep Mash’s secret hidden.

However, amidst the chaotic encounter involving Innocent Zero in Mashle episode 12, the students under Abel’s influence begin to revert back to their human forms. In the midst of the commotion, one of the students becomes aware of Mash’s magical deficiency and is appalled by the existence of a non-magical student within the esteemed Easton Magic Academy. The episode concludes with the student hastily departing to inform the authorities about this startling revelation. Meanwhile, Mashle stoically accepts whatever consequences may arise from the unfolding events.

Post-credits – The leader of Innocent Zero

Mashle Episode 12 - Final episode summary, what's next and more!
Innocent Zero’s base | Image courtesy of Crunchyroll

The conclusion of Mashle Episode 12 treats viewers to an intriguing post-credits scene featuring Cell War engaged in conversation with the enigmatic leader of the criminal organization, Innocent Zero. Episodes 11 and 12 have effectively established Innocent Zero as the main antagonist group within the series.

In the scene, Cell addresses the leader as “Father,” hinting at a significant connection between them. Cell expresses his triumph in finally locating what was “lost”. The leader, brimming with joy, eagerly anticipates the fulfillment of his deepest desire. Ultimately, the leader issues a command for Cell to retrieve the mysterious “it,” leaving viewers intrigued about the nature and importance of this enigmatic item, or perhaps, person.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles – What’s next?

Mashle Episode 12 - Final episode summary, what's next and more!
Leader of Innocent Zero | Image courtesy of Crunchyroll

The Mashle: Magic and Muscles manga reached its conclusion in chapter 162, which was published in the 31st issue of Shonen Jump Magazine on July 3, 2023. However, fans of the anime can take solace in the fact that there is much more in store. The initial season of Mashle only covered two narrative arcs, leaving numerous arcs yet to be explored. The “Easton Enrollment Arc” and the “Magia Lupus Arc,” comprising 39 chapters, were adapted into the animated series. This implies that we have only progressed about a quarter of the way through the entire storyline. Several captivating story arcs await us, including:

  • Execution Arc
  • Division Visionary Selection Exam Arc
  • Tri-Magic-Athalon – Divine Visionary Final Exam Arc
  • Eclipse Arc

The upcoming season of Mashle holds great anticipation as it continues the story from where the first season left off. We can expect to witness Mash facing a trial for his lack of magical abilities and being accused of deceiving the academy. His journey will revolve around the arduous task of proving his innocence.

Produced by A-1 Pictures and helmed by director Tomoya Tanaka, the animated series Mashle: Magic and Muscles can be enjoyed by streaming it on Crunchyroll.

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