Mashle Manga concludes with its Chapter 162: can there ever be a spin-off?

Mashle Manga concludes with its Chapter 162 can there ever be a spin-off

Hajime Komoto’s Mashle Manga is finally coming to an end with its upcoming 162nd Chapter. The manga’s ending has been confirmed by Shonen Jump News on Twitter. The Mashle manga started its journey in January 2020, with its serialization in the Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine. The manga consists of 17 volumes as of now. But, according to the announcement by Shonen Jump News on Twitter, the final 18th volume along with its official fanbook is going to be released in the month of October this year.

Komoto’s Mashle is a triple entendre, which is a combination of two words ‘Magic’ and ‘Muscle’, that are more or less the whole essence of the show. The name of the manga has also incorporated the protagonist’s name, Mash, in itself as well.

Mashle Manga- what is it about?

The manga has a quirky main character, Mash. The young protagonist is born in a wizarding world with no magical abilities. To please his grandfather, Mash is forced to attend the Easton Magic Academy. He tries his best to fit in among all the magicians and wizards in the school but fails to find a place for himself. He is left with no other option but to rely on his physical strength and muscles to compensate for his lack of magical powers.

Mashle Manga concludes with its Chapter 162 can there ever be a spin-off
Mashle Manga. (Image credit goes to Viz Media)

As the story progresses, Mash tries to rise up the ranks among his friends and rivals at the academy. He looks up to Rayne, his roommate’s brother, who is one of the most exceptional students in the school. He also has some rivals who constantly try to ambush him.

Mashle: Magic and Muscles anime – does the anime live up to the manga?

The Mashle anime adaptation sticks closely to the manga’s plot. Although there are certainly some changes and tweaks in the anime adaptation, it does not stray away from the original plot of the manga. Most importantly, the anime does not fail to capture the core of the franchise’s humor and the characters’ reactions throughout the anime.

Mashle Manga concludes with its Chapter 162 can there ever be a spin-off
Mashle: Magic and Muscles anime. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

The Mashle anime not only faithfully follows the manga’s storyline, but it also does a fantastic job of bringing the setting of the story to life. Mash’s movements are dynamically displayed via the animation, which is important for someone who is meant to be employing muscle magic.

All of the characters look and act as they should and have designs that are true to the manga. Additionally, the voice acting is excellent; each character’s voice is appropriate for their personality and demeanor.

Mashle reaches its climax with Chapter 162 – will there possibly be a spin-off?

Mashle: Magic And Muscles is one of the year’s most anticipated new anime releases, centering on the eccentric narrative of young Mash Burnedead, whose magical ability is limited but his physical prowess more than compensates. While the anime adaptation’s first season continues to produce new episodes, the manga is prepared to bid farewell to Easton Magic Academy.

While the ultimate saga has lately explored new installments, a release date for the series “Super Climax” has arrived. The Mashle manga has come to an end with the upcoming 162nd episode releasing this Sunday.

Mashle Manga concludes with its Chapter 162 can there ever be a spin-off
Mashle: Magic and Muscles anime. (Image credit goes to A-1 Pictures)

There has been no proper announcement about a spin-off series yet. But, there are certainly a lot of rumors about a spin-off or a sequel from the makers. The fans are also eagerly waiting on more updates about the spin-off’s status, but no confirmation has been provided yet.

The Mashle manga series is also going to release volume 18 and the official fanbook in October 2023. We can only hope and wait for an official announcement for a spin-off as of now.

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