Mass Effect Andromeda developer BioWare dropping support for single player updates, Multiplayer is still supported.

Mass Effect: Andromeda‘s last update 1.10 will mark a full-stop for future updates and patches. Developer Bioware confirmed today that there would be no future DLCs or patches for the game even though it has been just been 5 months since its initial release on March 21.

It became the first out of the four games in the decade old series to not see any DLC. With being from such a well established franchise and a well-known publisher, EA could have easily sold additional content for over a year. They did so with the other three games in the series.

The main reason behind this move could be the game’s critical disappointment on its release. It took a series of patches to fix various game breaking glitches and bugs and it seems like the developers are done with the title already.

With what a failure the game was on its launch, and now the announcement about no more DLCs or patches to come for single player campaign and restructuring of BioWare Montreal, we can’t actually say what the franchise’s future holds.