Will Masterchef Australia still air after Jock Zonfrillo's sudden death
Courtesy of Jock Zonfrillo (YouTube Channel)

Channel 10 faces a moral dilemma after the sudden passing of one of its MasterChef Australia judges, Jock Zonfrillo. The Scottish-born chef was found dead in a Melbourne hotel room, just as the new season of the popular cooking show was about to air. The police have not revealed the cause of death due to privacy reasons, leaving the network with a difficult decision to make.

Will MasterChef Australia continue to air?

It remains uncertain whether MasterChef Australia will continue to air. The network may choose to edit out Jock Zonfrillo’s segments if requested by his family, or they might keep them as part of his legacy.

The expensive new series of MasterChef Australia had just finished filming when the tragic news broke, leaving Channel 10 executives wondering whether to screen the show at all. The premiere was canceled, but it remains to be seen if the series will return in the coming weeks, given that Zonfrillo plays a significant role in it.

  • Channel 10 and production company Endemol Shine now face a monumental decision. The series wrapped up filming just recently, and significant resources have been poured into its production.
  • To cancel the entire show would be commercially catastrophic for the network. However, they must also consider the grieving family and the potential impact airing the show could have on them.

What happened to Jock Zonfrillo?

  • Sophie Ellsworth, a media writer for the Australian newspaper, joined the discussion on this sensitive issue.
  • She highlighted Zonfrillo’s troubled background, including his past drug addiction, financial issues, and multiple marriages.

The chef had a turbulent life, which raises questions about what may have happened in his final days.


Zonfrillo’s wife’s opinion may play a crucial role in the decision-making process.

If she supports airing the series as a tribute to her late husband, Channel 10 may proceed with the broadcast. However, if she objects, the network will have to reconsider its plans.

Moreover, the timing of the show’s airing is another issue that Channel 10 must grapple with. If they decide to proceed with the series, they may have to shorten it to fit specific timeframes, as other shows are scheduled to air soon.

As the network and its executives weigh their options, the future of MasterChef hangs in the balance. The final decision will not only affect the fate of the popular cooking show but also the legacy of the late Jock Zonfrillo.

The team at Spiel Times extends our deepest condolences to Jock Zonfrillo’s family. The loss of such a skilled and esteemed individual is undoubtedly a profound tragedy.

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