Matt Rife Attempts Comedy By Beefing With 6-year-old, Here’s Why

Matt Rife beef with 6-year-old for fun

There are some people, who are unintentionally funny and some are intentionally funny. Then there is Matt Rife who has started a beef with a 6-year-old in his latest attempt at humor. Previously, he was seen throwing the majority of his fanbase (women) under the bus in his Netflix Special. It might sound like a disastrous thing to do but mind you it is more intentional than it appears.

Matt Rife commented on a six-year-old’s video 

The TikTok comedian with an AI-friendly jawline commented under a post of a middle-schooler who pointed out a scientific flaw in his joke. This is considered funnier than Rife’s Netflix Special, in which one of the segments included a joke about Jupiter having a ring.


He wasn’t wrong about it as the giant planet does have a ring albeit being whispy but the royalty of rings in our solar system is Saturn. So, when the joke is about planet’s rings the natural selection for a comedian would be Saturn.

The same was pointed out by influencer Bunny Hedaya’s son Aden. Hedaya stitched the clip of Rife’s ring joke with space enthusiast Aden’s response that Saturn has more rings. Aden also called out the TikTok comedian for being rude to girls before exiting the room. Quiet iconic, if you ask me.

However, the 28-year-old comedian didn’t find the video cute or funny and decided to clarify that Jupiter does have a ring. He also added that Santa Claus isn’t real and alleged that Aden’s mom buys his presents with OnlyFans money.

Let’s break it down: 1) Matt Rife didn’t like a 6-year-old pointing out a scientific fact. 2) he decided to argue about it in the comments. 3) He told the child Santa isn’t real. 4) He once again attempted to make a joke at the expense of a woman 5) He also dragged OnlyFans content creators and lastly 6) He still failed at being funny.

Why would he do that

You might think after the Netflix Special disaster Matt Rife would change the direction of his humor. However, the star has made it clear that he doesn’t wish to adhere to sensitivity comedy in his Variety interview.


While responding about the backlash from his Netflix Special Rife shared that he is aware of it but doesn’t believe that other’s perspectives about him should be his responsibility. He further adds that everything he says on stage is intended to make people laugh.

In this case, the video of Hedaya, where he wasn’t tagged, is his stage and the comment was a joke. Going by his previous response we can also conclude that he was aware of the repercussions and intended to be vulnerable with his audience who might enjoy his take.

However, whether it will gain him more followers or lose the existing ones is still a question. Right now we can only conclude that netizens believe Aden is the winner of this beef.

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