Image Courtesy of McDonald's and Xbox

This week has seen a great deal of discussion around Microsoft’s recent acquisition of Activision Blizzard. Following the news, fast-food chain McDonald’s has joked about being acquired by Xbox in a funny Twitter exchange.

Microsoft’s most lucrative investment has been the subject of ridicule from many outside the video game industry. Meanwhile, Sony has raised concern about whether the company’s Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot, and Overwatch will be available on PlayStation platforms.

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When McDonald’s tweeted a picture of a regular dish of fries from their menus, coupled with a message urging their followers to “steal a potato” with 🤏emoji, the story began. The official Xbox twitter reacts to the message with 🤏, while McDonald’s responds with a sequence of a customized Xbox controller with special buttons.

So that everyone can laugh along with this little joke, Microsoft has decided to post an image of a red Xbox One S with McDonald’s logos and support for French fries.

Mcdonald’s Xbox 😂

Moments later, McDonald’s replied, “are u trying to acquire me too?”. The likelihood of Xbox owning McDonald’s in the future is low, but it’s fair to mention that the two companies have collaborated in the past, including the Sneak King video game for Xbox 360, which demonstrates that they have a strong relationship. What may be the next big transaction that would change the face of the gaming industry?

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