Game: Modern Combat Versus
Mode: 4on4 Competitive
Prizes: MCV Ranking points More details

Teams must have exactly 4 players
Players must enter their Modern Combat Versus Nickname game ID
Teams must have at least 4 members with residence in one of the following countries:
Players must be at least 18 years old

Quick Rules

Registering for the competition with ESL:

Click on the “Log in” button on the right to connect or to create an ESL profile
Enter your age
Enter the name you use in Modern Combat Versus
Create your team by clicking on “Select team”

Invite your friends to join your team: Click on “Team status” and share the invite link with your friends
Once your friends have confirmed that they’ll be joining your team, click on “Sign up”

That’s it! You are now registered for the MCVS HONOR International Series 2018 Qualifier! You’ll receive a confirmation email on the day of the Qualifier—don’t forget to confirm!

How to play

Get in touch with your opponent
Create a lobby in-game
Click on Live tournament – Step 1
Click on Create – Step 2
Click on Continue – Step 3
Share to your opponents the lobby code – Step 4
Play and report the results

Tournament Settings

Match type: 4on4
Platform: iOS & Android
Single Elimination
Mode: Best of 3

Hosting Rules

Map 1: Higher seeded team must host, lower seeded team must choose sides
Map 2: Lower seeded team must host, higher seeded team must choose sides
Map 3: Higher seeded team must host, lower seeded team must choose sides

Lobby Settings

Game Mode: Zone Control
Map: Random
Type: Private
Tournament Rules: Yes

Restrictions: None



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