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The most anticipated game right now is GTA 6. Fans aren’t passing up any chances to find out its stories, speculations, and claims. These days, only one GTA 6 post is sufficient to generate enthusiasm within the gaming community. However, if such rumors or claims prove to be inaccurate, they disappoint individuals with high expectations.

The upcoming installment of the series was suspected by many people to have some involvement from 50 Cent. This is because the rapper posted not one, but two Vice City photos last week. It transpires that this isn’t the case at all; rather, 50 Cent was just promoting the television program Vice City.

By teasing that the unnamed Vice City project will be greater than Power, a crime thriller he produced in 2014, and by adding that he would “explain everything later,” 50 Cent teased fans on Instagram and Twitter. Many fans anticipated that 50 Cent will have some sort of part in GTA 6 even though he clipped out “Grand Theft Auto” from his posts and avoided mentioning the series.

50 Cent is presumably engaged in work on Vice City, a television project unrelated to Grand Theft Auto

In response to a Deadline article, GTA fans eventually learned that 50 Cent will not be making an appearance in GTA 6. According to reports, the rapper and Chad Stahelski (John Wick director) are creating a new Paramount+ original series. The show will feature three friends who were disrespectfully dismissed from the military and will organize a heist crew to earn a living in Miami City.

On Twitter and Instagram, 50 Cent added his confirmation of the information. Although the plot appears like it may have come from Grand Theft Auto, Vice City has absolutely nothing to do with the series. 

A lot of gamers expressed disappointment over the news on social media. Some others claimed that they weren’t expecting 50 Cent to make any announcements regarding GTA 6. Meanwhile, followers of the rapper also praised him on his new initiative, expressing interest in the show Reddit users even responded to Rocstar’s silence. Users debated the name’s history, Rockstar had not trademarked “Vice City,” causing confusion among some people.

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