Messi’s World Cup post beats Instagram Egg for Most Liked Photo record

Messi World Cup, Instagram World Record Egg

Lionel Messi has achieved an impossible feat. No, we’re not talking about his World Cup win. His Instagram post after the final has finally broken the most-liked photo record of the egg in less than two days’ time. 

We take a quick look at the most-liked Instagram photos of all time. Read to find out how long the egg held the Instagram record and how many likes Messi’s World Cup picture received.

Messi’s Instagram record-breaking post

A few hours immediately after his historic FIFA World Cup victory at Qatar against France, Lionel Messi took to Instagram to share pictures from the night.

  • Messi posted 10 pictures as slides in a single post featuring him kissing the trophy and his team lifting it at the presentation. The post reached 10 million likes in the first 39 minutes of its sharing.

  • As of now, the Instagram post has a staggering 58 million likes in just around 36 hours beating the previous record held by the egg for 1436 days.
  • The post’s caption is an elaborate thank-you note penned in Spanish. Messi thanks his family, his team and the people of Argentina for believing in him and his dream.

World Record Egg

The “world record egg” was posted on Instagram in 2019 with the intention of breaking Kylie Jenner’s then record of 18.4 million likes. The egg did this in ten days’ time.

  • In response, Kylie Jenner posted a video on Instagram of her cracking open an egg and pouring its yolk onto the ground, with the caption: “Take that little egg.”
Kylie Jenner
Image courtesy of Kylie Jenner via CNN
  • In the following 48 hours, the post continued to go viral and garnered over 45 million likes. It surpassed Despacito’s music video to become the most-liked online post on any platform.
  • An advertising creative named Chris Godfrey owns the account and its singular post. He stated that the post was meant to raise mental health awareness.

Most liked Instagram posts

Since 2019, only the second spot among the most-liked Instagram pictures was up for grabs. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi’s iconic Louis Vuitton advertisement held the previous record where the two legends play chess.

  • Cristiano’s post has 42.1 million likes whereas the same post from Messi’s account has 32.4 million likes.
  • In the top 20 most-liked Instagram pictures of all time, Lionel Messi has eight posts, Cristiano Ronaldo has three and Kylie Jenner has two.
  • Other posts in this list include rapper XXXTentacion’s final post before his death, Ariana Grande’s wedding pictures and Zendaya’s birthday post for Tom Holland.

The most-liked pictures on Instagram reflect the overall mindset of social media users. When the egg overtook Kylie Jenner, it meant they were tired of the Kardashians. Now, Lionel Messi dethroning the egg implies the world is collectively taking part in his most important triumph.

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